•   The race will be flown from Stockton, CA 352.9 miles (weather permitting.) Due to the weather on the course at this time of year the race committee has the right to increase or decrease the distance of the race. $200 per bird race entry.

  •   A 400-mile race will be flown two weeks after the first race. $200 per bird race entry.

  •   All birds belong to breeder/owner of entry, no buy-backs, no auctions.

  •   No one working for the Victoria Classic will be permitted to enter birds.

  •   All birds will be vaccinated for PMV upon arrival.

  •   A tax identification number recognized by the IRS (W-9 form) will be required prior to awarding any prizes valued at $600.00 or more. Such awards will be reported as required by IRS regulations.

  •   Perch fees are $150.00 per bird or 5 birds for $625.00. Perch fee must be sent with shipment of birds to be eligible for the race.

  •   $25 of every perch fee will go to the 400-mile race prize fund.

  •   To maintain eligibility, all birds must be activated and all fees paid on or before the due


  •   Entry fee for each race is $200.00 per bird. Entry fees are due in FULL at least 7 days prior to the race, NO EXCEPTIONS (make checks payable to (Cesar Gonzalez.)

  •   All entry fees received for birds that are lost prior to the race will be refunded 100%.

  •   All birds that remain the evening of shipping that do not have perch fees and/or entry fees paid will become property of Victoria Classic and will be sold on a first come/first serve basis.

  •   No one will be allowed to handle their birds until the supervised night of shipping and loading for the Victoria Classic.

  •   Return fees must be paid and bird(s) must be retrieved within 14 days of the last race entered. If fees are not received in FULL within 14 days, the remaining birds will become property of Victoria Classic. $60.00 shipping per box.